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There were three VHS tape releases in the United States.  The first one, “The Adventures Begins,” is the very first episode that described the whole premise of the show.  The second one, “The Adventure Continues,” was released in conjunction with the second series of the toy line.  The third one, “The Ice-Age Adventure,” was released in conjunction with the launching of the Ice-Age toy line.  The first two tapes contained Tyco commercials, both Dino-Riders specific and others including “Zero-Gravity Cliffhangers” and remote control cars.  Other than these three tapes, the only way that people could view the other episodes was by watching the Saturday morning cartoons because no other videos were released in the United States.  Europeans however, were treated to a variety of videotapes that contained the other episodes.  It appears that many different publishers had the rights at one point or another to the Dino-Riders cartoon because the same episodes have appeared on various different VHS tapes in the PAL format.  Here is my collection of known VHS tapes:





















































































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