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ParaWorld is a real time strategy game for the PC.  It's basically Warcraft with dinosaurs.  Much like the Dino Riders concept, ParaWorld allows players to mount dinosaurs and take control of high tech weapons in order to wage war against rival factions.  All of the action takes place on a world parallel to Earth.  The story revolves around a few scientists who discover how to time travel into another dimension where dinosaurs and primitive tribes co-exist.  The modern day scientists are attracted by the fact that no one ever ages on the planet.  They decide to stay and that's of course where the problems begin.


ParaWorld includes over 50 different species of dinosaurs.  Just like the Dino Rider toys, all dinosaurs are scientifically accurate.  Even Ice Age classics like the Wooly Mammoth and the Saber Tooth Tiger make their appearances.  The dinosaurs come in two different versions - good and evil.  You can also use the dinosaurs for various different operations.  For example, you can set up archers and other mobile attack forces on the dinosaurs or simply use the larger ones to transport much needed supplies to your troops in battle. 


Aside from the dinosaurs, there are 3 different human factions.  There are the Viking-style Norsemen, the Sumo/Samurai Dragon Clan, and the African Dust Riders.  Each has there own strengths and weaknesses.  The battles take place on a variety of different landscapes, including lava lands, ice lands, deserts, and jungles.


ParaWorld is a real time strategy game that allows players to build their own armies and promote its soldiers to different ranks.  As your soldiers gain more experience and scientific knowledge, new weapons technology emerges for you to exploit.  Aside from the single player game, there are also multiplayer modes included such as death matches and "defender" - the details of which are unknown.  The game certainly looks promising and its obvious similarities to Dino Riders definitely makes this game worth checking out.  You can find out more about ParaWorld at GameSpot

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