The Torosaurus was the Dino-Riders’ answer to the Rulon Triceratops.  The Torosaurus was apparently released at the tail-end of the 1st Series.  If you notice, the Torosaurus was not included in the back of the small comic book that was included in the 1st Series toys but it did appear on the backs of the 1st, 2nd and Commando figure packs.  The Torosaurus had motorized walking action and its head would sway from side to side as it walked.  The Torosaurus was heavily armored and covered in a shield of individual plates that opened up to ambush unsuspecting foes when a button was pressed.  It also had a clear laser beam that would light up red when a button was pressed.  The Torosaurus had a starring role in one of the cartoon episodes and was packaged with Gunnur and Magnus.  The box art depicted a red and black paint scheme that looked a lot cooler than the brown and green production version.  Ultimately, this difference was minimized by the fact that the toy's color was barely noticeable when fully equipped. 






























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