In 1993, after the Dino-Riders and the subsequent Smithsonian Institution line ended, Tyco manufactured a toy line for Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, originally a comic book series.  The line wasn’t too much of a success and there were only a few vehicles and figures made.  Tyco again found itself in a position to capitalize on their inventory of left over dinosaur toys from the Dino-Rider and Smithsonian lines.  Four dinosaurs were released – Triceratops, Kentrosaurus, Deinonychus, and Quetzalcoatlus.  The dinosaurs were identical and had the exact same colors as the Dino-Riders line.  Unlike the Smithsonian line, these dinosaurs came equipped with weapons and gear similar to the Dino-Riders line and even had their own new brain boxes.  The weapons that were included with the dinosaurs only contained a few pieces and seemed more like an afterthought rather than a full-blown attempt to create a cool toy.  Nonetheless, the pieces, although slightly out of sync with the futuristic theme of Dino-Riders, do make a nice addition to the Dino-Riders collection.  Of all of them, the Triceratops was probably the coolest.  It had a catapult attached by the infamous Dino-Riders bellyband that was supposed to launch a huge gray boulder on unsuspecting victims.  The Kentrosaurus had an apparatus with a swinging hammer attached to it.  The Deinonychus was outfitted with purple gear, including ankle spikes.  The Quetzalcoatlus actually used the original mold for the Dino-Riders Pterodactyl and Tyco probably decided to call it a Quetzalcoatlus to keep more in tune with the scientifically accurate Smithsonian line.  The Quetzalcoatlus was outfitted with two missiles that it could drop from the sky and was also supposed to function as some type of messenger.

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