Over the past several years, imitation Dino-Rider toys have surfaced.  Unlike a lot of other toy imitations, these knock-offs look remarkably similar to the real versions.  However, some of them show poor craftsmanship that separates them from the real ones.  For example, on some of the knock-offs, the screws that attach the legs to the body are clearly visible.  Another distinguishing feature of the knock-offs is that they did not come with any accessories or figures.  They do however, have battery operated features like the real ones.  The knock-offs walk, roar and their eyes light up red.  When I first put this section together, not much was known about the knock-offs.  But as time went on, people started contributing information and I was able to acquire most of them on the internet.  There are several different varieties, each under a different "brand" name.  Thanks to your contributions, here are the known knock-offs:





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Mexican Knock-Offs

These knock-offs originate from Mexico and are made of very cheap, lightweight plastic.  Although they look very similar to the real toys, their overall quality is very poor.

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"Tek Toys" Line

The knock-offs made by "Tek Toys" are not as detailed and don't look as close to the real toys as the other knock-offs.  These pieces look a little more childish overall and not really up to the "scientifically accurate" standard set by the original Dino-Rider toys and closely imitated by the above knock-offs.  Unlike the other knock-offs, these toys only use one AA battery.  They do not give off a roaring sound but they do walk and their eyes blink.  Their mouths also move while they walk.

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Motorized "Epoch" Dinosaurs

There are a lot of motorized dinosaur toys in the "Epoch" toy series.  Most of the toys are knock-offs of Jurassic Park.  However, some of them are knock-offs of the characters in Disney's "Dinosaur" movie and a case can be made that some of them imitate Dino-Riders.  This is especially the case with Epoch's Brachiosaurus, which has a very similar look to the Dino-Rider Diplodocus.  All of the dinosaurs in the Epoch series walk, roar, and their eyes light up just like the other knock-offs.  Most of the toys are cheaply made and therefore don't really look accurate enough to fit in with the real Dino-Riders, except for maybe the Parasaurolophus.




If you own any knock-offs or see them somewhere or have any other information, please send me an e-mail.


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