Miscellaneous Items

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Belt Buckle.  This is a very unique Dino-Riders belt buckle that was made by Product Dynamics, the company that did most of the early pattern work and modeling for the dinosaurs and figures. These were given as gifts to certain Tyco employees. Only six of these buckles were produced. Special thanks to Warren Bosch for contributing this picture. Warren is the proud owner of one of these pieces.

Cartoon Animation Cells
Puffy Stickers
T-Rex Poster

Here is a promotion for a free Dino-Riders VHS tape that appeared on a Canadian box of Cheer laundry detergent:

Kite-Large.png Puffy Stickers.jpg PuffyStickers2.jpg PuffyStickers3.jpg AnimationCell 1.jpg AnimationCell 2.png Belt Buckle.jpg CheerPromotion - Front.jpg CheerPromotion - Side.jpg CheerPromotion - Top.jpg AnimationCell 4.jpg AnimationCell 3.jpg