Sticker Albums

Many successful cartoons had their own sticker album. Dino-Riders actually had two different ones - a very common German sticker album and a much less common U.S. sticker album. The basic idea behind both was that you would buy the album and then buy individual sticker packs to complete the album. The album had numbered boxes that indicated where the stickers were to be placed.

Album Cover
Sticker Pack
Sticker Front & Back

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German Sticker Album: There were 240 stickers in all and each pack came with 6 stickers. The stickers were basically screen captures taken from the first two cartoon episodes.

U.S. Sticker Album: Oddly enough, the U.S. sticker album is much rarer than the German sticker album. What is interesting about this album is that unlike the German sticker album, each sticker pack was numbered so that you could avoid getting duplicate stickers and complete the album a lot faster and cheaper. Also, each sticker appears to feature original art, as opposed to screen captures from the cartoon as is the case with the stickers for the German sticker album. Finally, unlike the German sticker album which had the same generic jungle scene on each page, each page of the U.S sticker album had the same artwork that appeared on the boxes of the dinosaur toys from the first series.

Sticker Box
US Sticker Album Cover(Back).jpg
Album Cover (Front)
Album Cover (Back)
Sticker Pack (Front)
Sticker Pack (Back)
Sticker Front & Back
GermanStickerAlbum-Sticker Pack.jpg GermanStickerAlbum-Sticker Sample.jpg US Sticker Album Cover(Front).jpg U.S StickerAlbum - Front & Back of Sticker.jpg U.S. Sticker Album - StickerPack Front.jpg U.S. Sticker Album - Sticker PackBack.jpg