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I was so impressed with the knock-off Brontosaurus that I decided to equip it with custom made armor. Because the Brontosaurus prototype picture had different armor than the one that was actually released, I decided to base this custom piece off of the prototype. It's interesting because in the episode, "Battle for the Brontosaurus" Questar asks Turret to show him the different designs that he came up with for the Brontosaurus. Several different variations were shown and they really looked like actual design sketches that Tyco was debating using for the Brontosaurus. The first two pictures in the gallery below are screenshots from the cartoon episode which show the design that the Dino-Riders (although not Tyco) actually chose for the final design of the Brontosaurus.  I used these sketches as a rough basis for equipping the knock-off and then I added various different accessories and weapons - some from the Dino-Riders line and some from other toy lines.

My “Pre-Production” Tyrannosaurus Rex

Here is a T-Rex that I painted to appear as it did in the pre-production photos and the cartoon. It came out pretty decent although I didn’t spend too much time on it - Adan did a much job with his - see below. I know a lot of us wish that Tyco would have actually stuck to the picture and painted the T-Rex brown and green instead of the dark gray. But they didn't so I had to take matters into my own hands.


Ikon was one of the main characters in the Dino-Riders cartoon but unfortunately, Tyco never actually released an Ikon figure. In the second series comic, there was a prototype picture of the Brontosaurus which was supposed to be released with 4 figures - Ikon, Serena, Ayce, and Vector (another main character that Tyco never released as an actual figure). Unfortunately, the final production Brontosaurus came with 3 figures - Serena, Ayce, and Ion. No Ikon and no Vector. The Ion figure clearly didn't resemble the Ikon character from the cartoon and perhaps that's why the name was changed. To fill this void, I have made my own Ikon figure. The interesting thing is that there were actually two different looks that the character had in the cartoons. In the early episodes, Ikon had white hair and sported a blue and brown outfit. In the later episodes, he had black hair and sported a red and brown outfit. I decided to do a little mix & match so I made the figure with white hair wearing the red and brown outfit. I used Questar's head because that was the only figure that had long hair like Ikon. I also had to use two different leg combinations because Ikon had a strange mechanical contraption on his left leg. Perhaps a custom Vector will come next . . .

Ankylosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus and Triceratops

This gallery features a Rulon Ankylosaurus with a custom fiery paint job courtesy of the first lady of Dino-Riders, JoAnn, a Dino-Rider Quetzalcoatlus with a purple paint job that more closely matches the cartoons and a Triceratops with an orange paint job that also more closely matches the cartoons (although some liberties were taken).

Alex W.’s Styracosauurs

Here is a custom Styracosaurus made by Alex W. from Germany. He decided that the Styracosaurus deserved to have a little more firepower and it certainly looks like he made that happen. Check out the size of the laser cannon!

JesterMon’s Styracosaurus

Here is a custom Styracosaurus made by JesterMon ( from a cheap plastic toy. Pretty cool!

Tobi's Ichthyosaurus

Tobi ( created a Dino-Riders version of an Ichthyosaurus. There has been a lot of talk in the forums about Dino-Rider naval units. This would fit very nicely with the rest of the toys.

Kronos’ Customs

Juan Pablo from Mexico city, a.k.a. Kronos, is a paleontologist and avid dinosaur toy collector with a ton of Dino-Riders as well as Jurassic Park toys and other dinosaurs that he has customized to match the Dino-Rider line. Kronos has also provided a little background story on the purpose and capabilities of his custom creations. You can see more pictures in his Collections page. You can contact Kronos at  Select a gallery below:

Super T. Rex

Here are a few pictures I found on the internet of a custom “Super” T. Rex.  This features a lot of extra armor - primary from the Kentrosaurus.  Pretty extreme.

Adan’s “Pre-Production” Tyrannosaurus Rex

Adan did a much better job with his customized T-Rex than I did with mine. Instead of hand-painting the T-Rex, Adan used an airbrush and the results were fantastic. It really looks like the pre-production T-Rex. He's also sold a few of these on e-Bay for some handsome sums!

Damian and Sebastian Minaya’s Customs

Here are some customs pictures courtesy of Damian and Sebastian, a father and son Dino-Riders collectors team!  They have quite an extensive collection and have created some very cool customs.

Here is the place where people can show off their custom Dino Riders toys.  If you have pictures of your custom toys that you want to share, please e-mail them to me and I will post them here.

Custom Toys

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Customs - Tobi's Icthyosaurus 1.JPG Customs - Tobi's Icthyosaurus 2.JPG

Alex Jones’ Lego Dino Riders

Here are a few pictures I found on the internet of custom Dino Riders Legos made by Alex Jones.  Alex did a real nice job on these.

FanCorner-Customs-LegoDinoRiders1.jpg FanCorner-Customs-LegoDinoRiders2.jpg

Chrome Colored Weapons

Here are a few pictures of custom chrome-colored weapons that were sold on eBay.

Ajax’s Custom Kentrosaurus

Here are a few pictures of a really nice custom colored Kentrosaurus by longtime dinosaur fan, Ajax.  The color scheme is a cool purple and green, actually pretty commentary the color scheme of the Fanfare section.