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Color Mock-Ups

The following pictures were provided by a former Tyco employee who was responsible for coming up with the paint schemes for the toys. Various different color “mock-ups” were created in order to show how the finished toy would look.  You can see that the color schemes in the pictures vary a great deal and many are quite exotic.  The Ice-Age mammals in particular appear to have been modeled off modern day animals such as tigers and giraffes.

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ColorMockups13.jpg ColorMockups-22.jpg ColorMockups23.jpg ColorMockups15.jpg ColorMockups16.jpg ColorMockups17.jpg ColorMockups18.jpg ColorMockups19.jpg ColorMockups-20.jpg ColorMockups21.jpg ColorMockups-25.jpg ColorMockups-14.jpg ColorMockups24.jpg ColorMockups1.jpg ColorMockups2.jpg ColorMockups3.jpg ColorMockups4.jpg ColorMockups5.jpg ColorMockups6.jpg ColorMockups26.jpg ColorMockups27.jpg ColorMockups-28.jpg ColorMockups29.jpg ColorMockups44.jpg ColorMockups54.jpg ColorMockups49.jpg ColorMockups50.jpg ColorMockups51.jpg ColorMockups52.jpg ColorMockups53.jpg ColorMockups7.jpg ColorMockups8.jpg ColorMockups9.jpg ColorMockups10.jpg ColorMockups11.jpg ColorMockups12.jpg ColorMockups30.jpg ColorMockups36.jpg ColorMockups-37.jpg ColorMockups-38.jpg ColorMockups39.jpg ColorMockups41.jpg ColorMockups-40.jpg ColorMockups42.jpg ColorMockups43.jpg ColorMockups33.jpg ColorMockups35.jpg ColorMockups32.jpg ColorMockups34.jpg ColorMockups46.jpg ColorMockups45.jpg ColorMockups47.jpg ColorMockups48.jpg