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Recollections of Warren Bosch

Warren Bosch, the former director of research & development at Tyco recently contacted me and offered his recollections about the Dino-Riders concept. It is clear that we, as Dino-Riders fans, owe Mr. Bosch a great debt of gratitude because although he isn’t credited with coming up with the concept, he was the one who turned the idea into a workable reality. Mr. Bosch created the first ever Dino-Rider model and also wrote the first story concept. Here is what Mr. Bosch had to say:

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“I was the Director of R&D for Tyco, in charge of the Dino Rider product line and the first one with a vision of what this product would look like. The idea of combining action figures with dinosaurs was not mine, but the what this combination might look like and what it might do was entirely my concept. The idea for Dino Riders originally came from Jim Alley, VP of Marketing for Tyco. After the President told him he could work on anything but action figures, Jim could think of nothing but action figures! I think he had the idea during his morning shower. He met with me and my staff that morning and told us he had the idea of combining action figures with dinosaurs but that’s as far as it went. During the following night I had the vision for the product line and could see clearly in my mind’s eye the idea of adding performance enhancing accessories to the dinosaurs to increase their natural abilities. I immediately started roughing out a story line and started my design team generating concepts.

One of my designers was originally charged with doing the first sculpture to be used as a talking tool for our first meeting with Dick Grey. Dick was notorious for having no imagination. He had to see things in order to understand them from a creative standpoint. Sadly, my designer did such a poor job with his model, I had to scrap it and do the sculpting myself. It took at least one all-nighter but in the morning, it looked pretty good. It certainly did the job of selling the concept to Dick.”