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Below are various books and magazines featuring Dino-Riders. If you know of any others that are not included here, please send me an e-mail.

Prehistoric Times.pdf

Prehistoric Times
No. 81

This magazine features an article that I wrote about Dino-Rider knock-offs.

Saturday Morning TV Collectibles.pdf

Saturday Morning TV
Collectibles by Dana Cain

This is a book featuring toys from various different Saturday morning kids' shows. Included in the book is a 2-page spread on Dino-Riders that gives a brief description of the line and also includes a price guide.

Collectible Toys & Values.pdf

Collectible Toys & Values
No. 19

This magazine contains a 1-page feature on Dino-Riders that includes a brief description of the toy line as well as a price guide for the toys.

No. 1094

PIF magazine No. 1094 featured a 2-page Dino-Riders poster of the second series battle scene (mirrored).

PIF Magazine No 1096.pdf PIF Magazine No 1096.pdf

No. 1096

PIF magazine No. 1096 featured a French language version of the first Marvel comic book.

PIF Magazine No 1097.pdf

No. 1097

PIF magazine No. 1097 featured a French language version of the second Marvel comic book. It appears that there were two different covers for this issue.

No. 1098

PIF magazine No. 1098 featured a French language version of the third Marvel comic book.

PIF Magazines

PIF is a French children’s comic book magazine that features reproductions of various standalone comics.  Dino-Riders was featured in several different issues.

PIF No 1094 -Poster.jpg PIF No 1094.jpg PIF Magazine No 1097.pdf PIF Magazine No 1098.pdf PIF Magazine No 1098.pdf

Dinosaur Collectibles
by Dana Cain and Mike Fredericks

If anyone is interested in collecting Dino-Riders or dinosaur toys in general, I highly recommend purchasing Dinosaur Collectibles by Dana Cain and Mike Fredericks. The book contains a price guide for almost every dinosaur toy created and includes in-depth coverage of Dino-Riders and Jurassic Park, among other lines. The Dino-Riders section contains many pictures of the dinosaurs without their armor and includes a long synopsis of the series. This is an absolute must have for any dinosaur toy collector.


Toyland: The High-Stakes Game of the Toy Industry
by Stern & Schoenhaus

The book offers an in-depth look into the world of toy making and covers all of the major toys companies, including Mattel, Tyco and Hasbro. In addition, the book devotes several chapters to the development of the Dino-Riders toyline. It describes the two-year period of time between the conception of the line and the final launching on December 26, 1987.

StackarsAllan1.jpg StackarsAllan2.jpg

Stackers Allan

These pages come from a Swedish children's book made in 1990, called Stackers Allan. The first picture has a kid holding a Dino-Riders box in his hand and the second picture shows a kid holding a toy that's clearly supposed to be a Dino-Rider. It actually looks like a cool toy. Special thanks to Eva for contributing these pictures.

Dinosaur Collectibles.pdf

Forte Magazines

Forte is an Italian children's magazine that features reproductions of various standalone comics and other children’s stories.  Dino-Riders was featured in several different issues.

Forte-January1990.pdf Forte-February1990.pdf Forte-March1990.pdf Forte-April1990.pdf

January 1990

This issue featured Dino Riders artwork and activities.

February 1990

This issue featured part one of the first Marvel comic as well as Dino Riders activities and fan art.

April 1990

This issue featured part three of the first Marvel comic as well as Dino Riders activities and fan art.

March 1990

This issue featured part two of the first Marvel comic as well as Dino Riders activities and fan art.

SK Comix - Fall 2012

This edition of the “Strange Kids Club” magazine featured a really cool two-page comic strip on Dino Riders.  The publication is a very cool throwback to the 80s.


USA Today Article

This is an article that appeared in the December 2, 1988 edition of USA Today. The article discusses the popularity of dinosaurs among children in the late 80s.

Hake’s Auction # 208

This is a catalog for an auction conducted by Hake’s Americana.  Several pages of Dino Riders items that were auctioned off, are featured in the catalog, all from the collection of Lee Volpe. Among the auctioned items was a very rare Stegosaurus prototype and various prototype pictures and design sketches.


Hake’s Auction # 210

This is another catalog for an auction conducted by Hake’s Americana.  A T. Rex, a Diplodocus and a Dimetrodon are depicted in the catalog and were auctioned off.

Hake'sAuction210.pdf SK Comix - Fall 2012.pdf  © DinoRidersWorld.Com.  Images and other content may not be copied or used without permission.  All Rights Reserved.

Dixieme Planete

The 50th issue of the French magazine called “Dixieme Planete” (Tenth Planet) featured several pages of the Dino Riders toys, mostly taken from the Tyco catalogs.

Dixieme Planete Magazine.pdf

Totally Tubular ’80s Toys by Mark Bellomo

This is a really cool coffee table book featuring various toy lines from the 1980s, including a one-page treatment of Dino Riders.

Totally Tubular '80s Toys.pdf BOOKS AND MAGAZINES
Toyfare Magazine Article.pdf

No. 126

Toyfare did a full-length retro feature on Dino-Riders. The article discussed the toys and the cartoons and also had an interview with Warren Bosch, Tyco's head of research and development during the Dino-Riders era.

Action Figure Digest.pdf

Action Figure Digest
No. 140

Action Figure Digest did a feature on Dino-Riders that included a price guide and a lot of pictures of the toys.

Tomart's Encylopedia & Price Guide to Action Figure Collectibles.pdf

Tomart’s Encyclopedia & Price Guide to Acton Figure Collectibles

This is volume 1 of a 3-volume release on action figure collectibles that was published by Tomart’s in the mid-1990s. It features a small section on Dino-Riders, and a picture of the Triceratops on the back cover.

Official Guide to Action Figures by Wells & Main

This is an action figure price guide that covers a huge number of toy lines, including Dino-Riders and Cadillacs & Dinosaurs.

Model and Toy Collector
No. 11

This magazine features a photo review of various dinosaur toys, including several first series Dino-Riders releases.Official Guide to Action Figures by Wells & Main

Playthings Magazine
April 1989

This magazine mentions Dino-Riders sales and also features a broader article on action figure sales that includes a picture of the Dino-Riders Deinonychus.

Model and Toy Collector - Issue No 11.pdf Playthings Magazine - April 1989.pdf OfficialGuidetoActionFiguresbyWells&Main.pdf Smithsonian Institution Article (Large).jpg

Smithsonian Institution Article

This is an article about the Smithsonian Institution line written by James Tomlinson that appeared in a toy magazine (not sure exactly which one).